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Master the guitar with expert tips and advice. If you're just picking up the guitar, our beginning instruction articles can help get you started on the right path. The way you shape your hand on the guitar is the key to learning basic guitar chords and we can teach you all the variations you need to play different chords. Once you learn these variations you will be well on your way to playing the guitar to your fullest potential.

For more advanced guitarists looking to sharpen their bass or acoustic guitar skills, our experts have provided unique insight that cannot be found in the mainstream. These are guitar tips written by people who are in the know and play the guitar not as a hobby, but as a profession. As our network of experts expands, we will continually post new guitar instruction articles with a unique and professional perspective.

Intro To Bass Guitar Intro To Bass Guitar

The bass guitar is one of the anchors in the rhythm section of a band. Part of the bass guitar'ss role is to be the conduit between the drums and the rest of the band. Many of the most classic bass lines have been formed using root notes, octaves, and fifths as the framework.

Basic Guitar Chords Basic Guitar Chords

When you first start playing guitar chords things can sound a little funny. Don't be discouraged by this. Getting a full chord sound depends on how you shape your hand, where you place your fingers, and how hard you press on the strings. Use these tips to get started.