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The piano is the basis for all notes in music. Every note for every instrument is derived from the piano and determining which piano is best for you is the first step to achieving success. Whether you're preparing for a recital or simply looking to learn the basics of the piano, we've got you covered. The articles below touch on everything from how to memorize music to the most advanced performance techniques.

Technology has now provided students with mobile keyboards that are much more representative of actual pianos than they have ever been. The ability to take your keyboard with will allow you to practice the piano wherever you choose. Use the information provided below to practice your piano skills wherever you are, day or night. As our network of piano teachers continues to expand, we will be providing more instructional articles from some of the best in the business.

How To Memorize Sheet Music How To Memorize Sheet Music

Memorizing phone numbers, street addresses and emails is something we do with relative ease. This same skill can be applied to learning music. Here we provide the four basic types of music memorization learning along with tips to help you practice.

Different Kinds Of Pianos Different Kinds Of Pianos

There are intricacies to the piano that the everyday observer is often unaware of. If you are looking to learn how to play the piano, make yourself aware of the different types of pianos and the nuances of each. This knowledge of piano will allow you to set yourself up for success.