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Every individual has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to singing. The key to singing well is to highlight your vocal strengths and find your pitch. There is no such thing as "tone deaf". Some people simply sing more beautifully in certain keys than others and finding your singing key is paramount to success.

Strengthening the vocal chords is also key to singing to your fullest potential. This can be achieved through various breathing exercises and tone mimicking exercises. All the answers you need can be found in the articles below. As our network of professional singers expands, we will continue to publish more educational articles to help you sharpen your skills.

How To Find Singing Pitch How To Find Singing Pitch

Pitch refers to the height or depth of a sound. Notes in music are playing in relation to one particular sound. Find the base sound and determine all of your variations based on that root note. Use these basic tips to help you get started.

Breathing Exercises For Singers Breathing Exercises For Singers

Controlling your breathing and knowing how to breathe properly will allow you to achieve optimum voice effect when you sing. Over time, many people develop poor breathing habits because of laziness or lack of practice. Learn how to use your lungs to their fullest effect.