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Billboard advertising in Van Buren can offer your business a significant boost in local or national brand recognition. With billboards on major highways and high-traffic areas around the city, out-of-home (OOH) campaigns have proven time and again to have best in class ad-retention. With a population of roughly 23,509, Van Buren provides a large number of billboards to reach your target audience with hyper-focused and Van Buren specific ads. Advertise on Van Buren billboards and start engaging your customers today.

For any campaign from recruitment to fundraising to brand marketing, billboards prove to be an effective method for reaching a wide audience.

Why is Billboard Advertising in Van Buren Effective?

Because our collective screen time rises every day, it may be tempting to invest your ad budget exclusively in online channels. However, recent trends indicate that digital ad spends may not be as successful as they’re thought to be.

Billboard advertising in Van Buren remains a sound strategy because it places your brand and message in the public eye in a way that’s impossible to ignore.

Enables Geotargeted Campaigning in Van Buren

With prime billboard locations across Van Buren, there are many spots to display your message. Your brand can get specific by securing a billboard that’s right along a major freeway, side street, or even a particular intersection.

Regional demographic data gives insight into what type of people may view your billboard. You have the opportunity to carefully consider the best area in or around Van Buren to show your ad.

When you have access to information such as age, gender, and even socioeconomic class, you can develop an OOH campaign that appeals to and reaches your target audience.

Displays Eye-Catching Graphics

Posters, large-format static bulletins, and digital billboards are your canvas. A big one at that. Alongside location, ad design is key to an effective OOH campaign.

There are outdoor ad best practices that help ensure that your billboard in Van Buren gets the recognition and engagement it deserves. Minimal words, colors that pop, and a clear call to action make for a successful artwork. After all, you only have a few seconds to create a lasting impression.

With this in mind, a seasoned graphic designer is a must. Many agencies offer in-house design free of charge. This takes the designing off your shoulders while allowing you to maintain creative control.

How Do I Rent a Billboard in Van Buren?

The Van Buren billboard rental process is simple. An experienced Outdoor Media specialist will streamline it from start to finish so you can get your campaign up and running as soon as you need it.

After sharing some details about your campaign goals, an OOH expert may send a custom proposal with potential placements including rental rates, availability, images, and exact location information. Once you nail down the best option for your campaign, the specialist will generate a contract, secure your board and coordinate with you on artwork.

When your campaign start date hits, your Van Buren billboard will go live. It’s an efficient process that doesn’t require you to be an outdoor advertising whiz.

Billboard advertising in Van Buren can be extremely worthwhile if done right. Want to learn more? Get in touch with a specialist to kickstart the rental process and amplify your brand.

What to Expect With Billboard Advertising in Van Buren

As with any marketing or advertising campaign, billboard advertising in Van Buren should involve careful consideration. You should know exactly what you’re getting into. No one wants to feel blindsided when it comes time to make a payment.

Billboard advertising in Van Buren prices vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Impression count
  • Board size
  • Exact location

For example, a large format board along a major highway will likely have a higher rate than a poster-sized one located on a rural road. It's all about eyeballs.

How Much Do Billboards Cost in Van Buren?

Below are some average billboards in Van Buren costs. These are based on all available inventory we have researched in the area, but for specific rates and availability contact a local sales rep who can help you setup a campaign.

Note: Alluvit's rates listed above are estimates based on Van Buren billboard availability & average pricing. 10' x 36' billboards in Van Buren are not as likely to be offered in digital format. Most 10' x 22' billboards are static. Digital boards generally cost about 21.44% more per 4 weeks than static billboards.
Type Size Price Range
Digital Billboard 10' x 22' $1,071.88 - $3,215.63
Static Billboard 10' x 22' $857.50 - $2,572.50
Digital Billboard 10' x 36' $1,607.81 - $3,751.56
Static Billboard 10' x 36' $1,286.25 - $3,001.25
Digital Billboard 14' x 48' $1,929.38 - $4,287.50
Static Billboard 14' x 48' $1,715.00 - $3,430.00

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