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Hi, My name is Mark and i am a very active individual that loves helping people overcome obstacles and become fit,healthy, stronger and better than ever before.I have a background in kinesiology and hundreds of successful stories in the weight loss transformation department.I am also a registered dietitian and registered nutritionist. I will help you in any way i can to get you to your goal.My sessions are fun and dynamic, I also have an MMA certification so we can incorporate some MMA style boxing into our routines , if you would love to change your life style once and for all then i am the right trainer for you!looking forward on working with you towards a fit healthy, stronger version of you ! Mark


Weight lost Expert
Muscle building and conditioning
Weight Loss transformation
Sports Training
Hiit Traning
Muscle Building program

Associations & Achievements

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
NSCA Certefied Streght and Conditioning Specialist
Kinesiology Degree
CPR/AED Certified
Weight Loss Specialist
Registered Dietitian
Registered Nutritionist
MMA Instructor

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