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You are unique... but so are we. Let’s be honest- you have a goal and your intention is to make it a reality. You’ve grown past trainers that instruct, not teach. Our approach entails no bias, only an individualized and efficient program that enables you to reach the objectives you seek. Let myFIT build a program suited to your goals and the way you naturally move to finally generate aesthetic progress AND a body that moves the way it is meant to. We, Logan Torres + David Lacayo, believe in functional movement & our aim in training is to not only help you reach your potential, but change the way you think about health and fitness. We want to not only make you move, but change the way you move. Let’s take the next and last step to your fitness journey.


Sports Performance
HIIT Training
Marathon Training
Shoulder Stability / Rehab

Associations & Achievements

NASM Certified personal Trainers
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialists
Associates of Science in health and fitness
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
dotFIT Nutrition Coach

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