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Golf is a sport with perhaps more nuances than any other. The golf course can be firm one day and soft the next and require a completely different approach. What's more, it can be extremely difficult for the average golfer to gain all the knowledge needed to adjust to these changes and properly attack every golf shot.

Because experience is such an enormous factor, the articles provided below are written by professional golfers with decades of experience inside the ropes. The goal is to put their knowledge in your hands. From mastering the flop shot to perfecting your lag putting, we cover it all. As our network of professional golfers continues to expand, we will continue to publish the most informative golf instruction articles anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay for a golf lesson?

The price of a golf lesson is affected by many things. The education level of the instructor, practice facility, and geography all factor into the equation. Pricing is generally higher near major cities but that is not the controlling factor in the price you pay. 70-80% of your cost is based on the quality of the instructor you wish to hire. Here is a quick breakdown of avg. golf lesson costs by certification level:

Certification Level 1 Hour Lesson Cost
Uncertified $50-$90
Apprentice Professional (Class B) $50-$125
Head Professional (Class A) $75-$200

To read more, read our are golf lessons worth the cost article.

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