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Golf Lessons in Clovis, CA

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Learn to play golf in Clovis at some of the best courses, from to . Alluvit has vetted over 3 golf instructors to help bring you the easiest way to start learning the game. Familiarize yourself with each Clovis golf instructor by contacting them directly before you ever have to step foot on the driving range.

Alluvit golf instructors specialize in:

  • Affordable individual or group lessons
  • Clovis golf lessons for kids
  • Golf lessons for beginners in Clovis, CA

Choose the Clovis course that's right for you

While the private clubs can offer some extra exclusivity and amenities a public course might not, getting a golf lesson in Clovis at some of the best public golf courses is just as valuable for your game. Like private courses, public courses offer lessons for beginners, advanced players, kids, and adults. With leagues running during the summer, spring, and fall, both course types can provide an opportunity to improve for a lower price.

Golf Lesson Costs in Clovis

The cost of golf lessons in Clovis is most affected by the experience level of the instructor and the quality of the practice facility. Many of the best Clovis instructors base themselves here because of the wide variety of outstanding golf courses.

Below are estimated costs for golf lessons in Clovis:

Lesson Uncertified Instructor Class A Instructor Head Profesional Instructor Apprentice Instructor (Class B Certified)
1 Hour Lesson $46.97 $84.55 $112.73 $61.06
30 Minute Lesson $32.88 $51.67 $70.46 $42.27
Group Lessons $281.82 $469.70 $751.52 $328.79

Note: Prices subject to change. These costs are based on an average of Alluvit's Clovis golf instructors.

Certified Golf Instructors in Clovis

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Gary F
"couple with no golfing experience"
  • Lesson Zip Code: 93619
  • Requested Dec 21, 2018
Doyle B
"I need to know how to hit down on the ball to make good contact"
  • Lesson Zip Code: 93619
  • Requested Jun 18, 2018
Karen K
"Left handed"
  • Lesson Zip Code: 93619
  • Requested Feb 03, 2018
Dan K
"I would like to get lessons for myself, my wife and my son."
  • Lesson Zip Code: 93619
  • Requested Oct 09, 2017

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