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Golf Lessons in Corpus Christi, TX

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Learn to play golf in Corpus Christi at some of the best courses, from Schlitterbaun Golf Club to Gulf Winds Golf Course. Alluvit has vetted over 9 golf instructors to help bring you the easiest way to start learning the game. Familiarize yourself with each Corpus Christi golf instructor by contacting them directly before you ever have to step foot on the driving range.

Alluvit golf instructors specialize in:

  • Affordable individual or group lessons
  • Corpus Christi golf lessons for kids
  • Golf lessons for beginners in Corpus Christi, TX

Choose the Corpus Christi course that's right for you

While the private clubs can offer some extra exclusivity and amenities a public course might not, getting a golf lesson in Corpus Christi at some of the best public golf courses is just as valuable for your game. Like private courses, public courses offer lessons for beginners, advanced players, kids, and adults. With leagues running during the summer, spring, and fall, both course types can provide an opportunity to improve for a lower price.

Golf Lesson Costs in Corpus Christi

The cost of golf lessons in Corpus Christi is most affected by the experience level of the instructor and the quality of the practice facility. Many of the best Corpus Christi instructors base themselves here because of the wide variety of outstanding golf courses.

Below are estimated costs for golf lessons in Corpus Christi:

Lesson Uncertified Instructor Class A Instructor Head Profesional Instructor Apprentice Instructor (Class B Certified)
1 Hour Lesson $48.60 $87.47 $116.63 $63.17
30 Minute Lesson $34.02 $53.45 $72.89 $43.74
Group Lessons $291.57 $485.95 $777.52 $340.17

Note: Prices subject to change. These costs are based on an average of Alluvit's Corpus Christi golf instructors.

Certified Golf Instructors in Corpus Christi

  • Ira Kramer, PGA

    Director of Instruction
    Gabe Lozano Sr. Golf Course

    4401 Old Brownsville Rd
    Corpus Christi, 78405-3511

    (361) 826-8016

  • Douglas A. DeSive, PGA

    Head Professional
    Corpus Christi Country Club

    6300 Everhart Rd
    Corpus Christi, 78413-2638

    (361) 991-7870

  • Carlos D Trujillo

    Apprentice Assistant Professional
    Corpus Christi Country Club

    6300 Everhart Rd
    Corpus Christi, 78413-2638

    (361) 991-7870

  • Martha L. Longoria-Potts, PGA

    Director of Instruction
    Tee 2 Green Golf Range

    3442 Saratoga Blvd
    Corpus Christi, 78415-5805

    (361) 855-4653

  • Matthew G. Jones, PGA

    General Manager
    Gulf Winds Golf Club

    Bldg 1272 Nas
    Corpus Christi, 78418

    (361) 961-3250

  • Patrick J. Kelliher, PGA

    Golf Industry:Other

    14353 Commodores Dr
    Corpus Christi, 78418-6011

    (361) 949-8056

We recently helped these golfers

Tomas Y
"Is this in the corpus Christi area"
  • Lesson Zip Code: 78408
  • Requested Dec 05, 2021
Jeffrey D
"Not looking for someone to try and make major changes to my grip or swing. I am 67 years old in good physical condition. I have been playing golf off and on for 55 years. Typically I try and play once a week. This past year I had a shoulder surgery and a lower spine injury so I have not been able to play much this past year. I have started playing again and I am struggling to get back to where I was before the surgeries, 88 to 90 score. I just need an instructor to tweek me and possibly give me some constructive drills I can do to regain the enjoyment of playing golf again."
  • Lesson Zip Code: 78412
  • Requested Oct 28, 2021
Joe T
  • Lesson Zip Code: 78411
  • Requested Sep 22, 2021
Abby C
"No golf experience, looking to learn the basics to play recreationally with my dad and friends "
  • Lesson Zip Code: 78414
  • Requested Aug 22, 2021
David B
"To drive the ball"
  • Lesson Zip Code: 78410
  • Requested Jul 30, 2021
Nathan B
"I am just looking for help hitting my driver, as in the past two months I have struggled. "
  • Lesson Zip Code: 78412
  • Requested Sep 09, 2020
Anthony H
  • Lesson Zip Code: 78411
  • Requested Aug 20, 2020
Rey L
"Need to work on my follow through "
  • Lesson Zip Code: 78414
  • Requested May 10, 2020
John M
"Improve game to play Monday qualifiers."
  • Lesson Zip Code: 78415
  • Requested May 16, 2019
Patrick B
"I can send you a 3 min video of my swing. My back swing is not bad, but I don't know how to shallow the downswing out to stop coming over the top. I have a very good training facility at my house and would prefer you to come to me to my house. I know what I'm doing wrong, I don't know how to fix it. The perfect swing I would like emulate is Lexi Thompson in regards to mid irons. I am very fit and flexible for my age, 56. My driver swing speed is 88. I am passionate about golf and understand there are many aspects to the game. All three phases need help, woods, irons, short game. My first goal is irons, ball striking. I have no physical limitations. My goals. Ball striking number one. Swing speed number two, and just a little more, 5 mph is fine w me. Short game after I stop coming over the top."
  • Lesson Zip Code: 78412
  • Requested Apr 27, 2019

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Golf Courses in Corpus Christi
Schlitterbaun Golf Club

14353 Commodores Dr
Corpus Christi, TX 78418-6011

  • Description - 9 holes (Private)
Gulf Winds Golf Course

39 Lexington Blvd
Corpus Christi, TX 78419

  • Description - 18 holes over 6,319 yards with a par of 71 (Private)
River Hills Country Club

4225 River Hill Dr
Corpus Christi, TX 78410-5635

  • Description - 18 holes over 6,096 yards with a par of 70 (Public)
Lozano Golf Center

4401 Old Brownsville Rd
Corpus Christi, TX 78405-3511

  • Description - 18 holes (Municipal)
Oso Beach Municipal Golf Course

5601 S Alameda St
Corpus Christi, TX 78412-3204

  • Description - 18 holes over 6,223 yards with a par of 70 (Municipal)
Kings Crossing Country Club

6201 Oso Pkwy
Corpus Christi, TX 78414-6099

  • Description - 18 holes over 6,762 yards with a par of 71 (Private Equity)
Corpus Christi Country Club

6300 Everhart Rd
Corpus Christi, TX 78413-2638

  • Description - 18 holes over 6,494 yards with a par of 72 (Private)
Pharaohs Golf Club

7111 Pharaoh Dr
Corpus Christi, TX 78412-3811

  • Description - 18 holes over 6,187 yards with a par of 70 (Public)