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The art of working out has changed dramatically over the past 20 years as our knowlege of the human body has continued to grow. The days of bench pressing your way to a perfect physique are now recognized as a flaw of past misconceptions. Circuit training that combines both cardio and resistance training is now the order of the day. Training this way allows individuals to achieve results in a much shorter period of time.

Thirty or 45 minutes of circuit training will benefit you far more than the "traditional" workouts of yesteryear. When you train properly, your body continues to burn calories for up to 24 hours after your workout. This is the by far the biggest key to reshaping your body. Our personal trainers provide all of these instructional articles free of charge. As our network of trainers continues to expand and new training innovations are discovered, we will continue to publish cutting edge information that can give you the edge you're looking for. Never stop learning.

Personal Training Costs

How Much Should I Pay For A Personal Trainer?

The price of personal trainer can be affected by a number of things. The education level of the trainer, workout facility, and geography all affect pricing. Personal Trainers are typically more expensive in and around major cities and cheaper in less populated areas. Below is a general breakdown of what you can expect to pay for a personal trainer based on their certification level and the quality of the training facility.

Trainer Certification Level
Personal Trainers ACM, NCSA, or ACE Certified 24 Hour Fitness Gold's Gym Anytime Fitness Other Trainers (No Gym Association)
1 Hour Session $75-$125 $55-$80 (50 minutes) $30-$60 $30-$75 $25-$50
30 Minute Session (when available) $25-$50 $25-$40 (25 minutes) $20-50 $30-$50 $15-$30
Series of 5 $300-$550 $200-$325 $125-$250 $150-$350 $125-$225
Series of 10 $600-$1050 $400-$650 $250-$500 $500-$900 $250-$450

Trainer Certification - What Does It Mean?

Cost of Personal Training

There are literally hundreds of personal training certification programs but only a select few are considered to be truly prestigious. When you walk into a gym, you will often see the certification certificate of your trainer framed in the lobby or in their office. Take time to look at the substance of those certifications. The certifying body is of the utmost importance. At a bare minimum, make sure your trainer is certified in CPR. Below is a list of the very best certifying bodies. Personal Trainers with certifications from these companies are considered to be in the upper echelon of the profession and can charge more for their expertise.

  • National Strength and Conditioning Center (NCSA)
  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE)

This list is pretty short given that there are hundreds of certifying bodies out there. The unfortunate reality is that it is simply not that difficult to become a certifying body because the requirements aren't very strict at all. If you're an elite athlete paying top price for a personal trainer, look at the substance of their certification and make sure it's worth the extra money. Anybody can complete an online course and get a certification. Trainers with certification from less reputable bodies can still be very knowledgeable, but that is not a guarantee. For assurance, look to user reviews and good word of mouth before making your choice. Often a trainers level of knowlege is just as important as their rapport with people.

What To Expect From Different Training Facilities

Personal Trainer Prices

The workout facility a personal trainer uses directly affects their overhead cost. A good trainer needs a good gym, it's that simple. Many major gyms (24 Hour Fitness, Gold's Gym, etc.) employ quality trainers and have fairly high quality equipment. Here are some things to look for when you're choosing a trainer based on the facility they work at.

  • Equipment - Workout equipment plays a huge role in how effectively you can train. The equipment at less expensive facilities will often be outdated. At a bare minimum you should expect to be able to train with freeweights and a treadmill or exercise bike. With more expensive facilities, expect to see much newer equipment that utilizes today's advancments.
  • Locker Rooms - Having a place to change your clothes and shower can make a huge difference in your experience. Sweating helps our bodies release a tremendous amount of toxins and rinsing off immediately after a workout helps ensure those toxins will not be reabsorbed through your skin. Many less expensive trainers will not have locker rooms available for you to use. All brand name gyms and most elite level trainers will provide a locker room.
  • Crowds - The more expensive the trainer, the less crowded you should expect the gym to be. Elite trainers charging more than $100 dollars/hour should provide a facility completely free of crowds. If your trainer is on the less expensive or even average cost side, this may not be the case. You may end up training surrounded by a bunch of people if you go to a trainer at a name brand gym. If you're paying a premium price, though, expect very few distractions and expect for the equipment to always be open when you need to use it.
  • Open Space - Space to move freely can be difficult to come by at many of today's more popular gyms. Often times all of the equipment is too close together and it can feel claustrophobic. These problems are amplified during peak gym hours. No matter what price you pay for a trainer, try to book your workout during hours that will avoid the crowds. More expensive trainers will likely have more open space to work with so you can train dynamically. For elite training, there should be plenty of open space regardless of what time you train.

What to Expect For Your Money

The price of a personal trainer varies within gyms and across the country. You can expect different things depending on the price you pay.

  • $50 or less/hour - For this price you can get a good personal trainer but you will probably be sacrificing some things. The gym may be crowded and the workout equipment will likely be old and outdated. Often your trainer will only have a few certifications under their belt and have not been in the business of personal training for very long.. These types of trainers can often be the very best value for people who simply need someone to motivate them to show up and help with the basics of working out. If you are new to the workout scene, this least expensive option is a great place to start. Trainers in this price range can get you started off on the right foot and help you avoid injury while getting in shape.
  • $60 - $80/hour - This is the average range for most personal trainers at the gym. You can expect high quality training from a knowledgeable expert and a nice workout facility. Most personal trainers in this price range are highly experienced and have great reviews. You can feel comfortable that you're getting a very high value for your dollars in this range.
  • $100 and up/hour - If you're paying this kind of money from a personal trainer, you should be getting someone with a highly specialized skill set. They should be NCSM, ACE, or ACSM certified and have at least 10 years experience. If you're an elite athlete targeting specific training for your sport, also make sure your trainer is a certified specialist in that sport. You should expect a training facility with the very highest level equipment and very few other people training at the same time as you. There should be plenty of open space for more dynamic exercises. These personal trainers should not be booked by the novus. The beginner will probably not get their money's worth. Rather, they should be booked by serious athletes who are looking for an edge over the competition.

The person who is training for the first time or is relatively new to the gym should carefully weigh the benefits of more expensive training with the costs. Often times beginners simply need help understanding how the exercise equipment works and how to use their time at the gym. Any certified trainer can help beginners with those needs. Choose the cheapest one with the best reviews at a facility you prefer.

Advanced training requires advanced certification and an environment free from the everyday distractions present at most name brand gyms. These trainers have specialized expertise and top notch training facilities and charge more for those things. To the athlete looking to gain an edge, these types of training sessions can be hugely valuable and easily justify the higher cost.

It's up to you to decide what your training goals and needs are. Everyone starts at a different place but doing your homework will get you where you want to go while saving you money.

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