5 Things Personal Trainers Aren't Telling You

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Getting in Shape is Difficult

Trainers always look so relaxed. They walk around with their shirts tucked in, clipboards in hand, presenting the image that getting in shape is a breeze. You don't see all the hours of hard work it took to get them looking that way. Make no mistake, working out is work. Showing up on a consistent basis, whether you feel like it or not, is work. Giving every rep everything you have and making sure your form is on point is work. Eating properly and taking the right supplements is more work still. You're paying your personal trainer to make you show up and do the work. But they can't do everything. In fact, they hardly do much at all after the first few sessions. It's on you.

You're Paying For Motivation

Best Personal Trainers are Motivators

Everybody has those moments when they feel motivation rise up inside of them. It may be a fleeting moment during a netflix marathon, a new year's resolution, or any number of things that spawn the new motivation. That's the magic you have to hang onto. Some people know they can't. They know themselves well enough to know that new motivation will be replaced by something else in a week or two and they'll find themselves back where they started once again. These people need a trainer to get themselves to the gym and they know it. If it works for you and you can afford it, keep up the good work.

Never rely on a friend for motivation. You can rely on them for company (sometimes), but not motivation. Sorry to break it to you, but your friends don't really care about your fitness. If your motivation for showing up is derived from them, it will be whisked away in an instant if they don't show up. Do not put your fate in someone else's hands unless their income depends on it.

No matter what form of motivation you use to get yourself into the gym, the onus is on you. If you do not have what it takes to keep the promises you make to yourself, it is unlikely a trainer or anybody else is going to be able to make the difference.

They Lose Count

Fitness Instructors are People Too

Personal trainers are just like other human beings. They get bored with repetitive tasks and their minds wander. They lose track of how many reps you've done all the time. Sure, they've got a general idea even if they've spaced out for a second. But many times they look back at you and judge how tired you look before landing on an exact number. Students seem to accept it. Once in a while the trainer gets called out, but its rare.

They Take Supplements

The reason your trainer is jacked (in most cases) has a lot to do with the supplements they are taking. Many trainers mention the fact that they're taking supplements at some point but students don't seem to grasp how helpful that edge really is. Creatine, branch-chain amino acids, protein shakes, and a variety of vitamins and minerals can double the returns you see from each workout. This is another example of motivation that must come from inside you. Your trainer can recommend things until they are blue in the face, but it will make no difference if the motivation to act doesn't come from inside you. Educate yourself about nutritional supplements. Learn what works for your body. Build on those things yourself. Take control and make sure your body is getting what it needs. Your trainer will not be there to monitor your diet. They will not be there to make sure you take your supplements. They will be there for roughly one hour, three days a week. For three hours a week they will be able to motivate you to do what you're supposed to, the other 165 hours are on you.

You Don't Need A Personal Trainer

All a personal trainer really does is make you hold yourself accountable for showing up. They're useful to gym novices who need to learn the basics. But after a few sessions, they become little more than cheerleaders. Their presence ensures that you go through the motions and complete your reps. But they are, in fact, unnecessary. Take responsibility for getting yourself in shape. Make promises to yourself and keep them. It's that simple. If you can summon the motivation from within to show up when you say you will and complete the workout you set forward, you will never need a personal trainer again.

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