Take Control

Muffin top got you down? Our top rated program will help give you the serious abs you've always wanted, guaranteed. The best part is, you can do these ab workouts day or night, at home or at work. Stay committed to toning your abs and you may just be able to keep up with the whole skinny jeans trend.

Should I Be Doing Ab Exercises Everyday?

People often wonder whether daily ab training is good or bad for the body. The truth is, that depends on you. Your abs recover very quickly as they are the body's core support system. But, let's face it, everybody is different. Guys, girls, fat, thin, we all have very different bodies and nagging injuries to deal with. Always listen to your body when you're pushing yourself. Give yourself time to recover if you experience lower back pain, neck pain, or any other discomfort beyond general soreness. It's never worth hurting yourself.

Should I train with weights?

If you're at the gym, by all means use their equipment. But remember, this is body shaping, not body building. Using weights (dumbbells, ab crunch machines) significantly increases the chance for injury.

No Gym, No Equipment, Just Your Bodyweight

Ditch the exercise bench and all the fancy machines. Just grab your yoga mat and get to work. You can have a medicine ball handy if you want to up the intensity.

Our exercises are chosen to prevent injury. Pick and choose as you like from the list of ab exercises below. You can mix and match to customize your circuit routine to achieve desired results. Each exercise should be performed for 30 seconds to 1 minute. You'll be amazed at how long that time takes to pass once you're in the middle of it.


Basic Plank Exercise For Abs

This is so simple it's almost cheating. We love it because it's not sit-ups or crunches. The plank is a great alternative. Be sure your body is parallel to the floor as you hold the pose. It will shred belly fat.

Side Plank

Side Plank Exercise For Obliques

The side plank will target your obliques. Keep your hips as high off the ground as you can while holding the pose. Be sure to do this on both sides for balance.

Leg Raises

Leg Raises to Tone Lower Abs

Use your legs, they're always with you. Keep your legs relatively straight as you slowly lift them off the floor. Especially effective for targeting the lower abs.


Upper and Lower Abdominal Workout

This is more of a total ab exercise than a lower ab exercise. It's a bit more advanced but relatively easy to learn.

Knee Touches

Ab Exercise Plus Cardio

Jump and raise your knees to your chest for 30 seconds. Not only is this one great for your abs, it's a heck of a cardio blast too.

Russian Twist

Twisting For Thoracic Spine Health

Great for golfers and anyone who wants to maintain thoracic spine flexibility.

It's Up To You

Most of these exercises can be done laying down. Don't take this to mean you can do them while laying in bed. It's easy but it's not that easy. Just because you're not using cables or machines or dumbbells doesn't mean you don't have to work. Get off the couch. It starts with the first day. We can't make it any easier.