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Tennis has many subtle intricacies that are not easily identifiable to the casual fan. These intricacies must be understood in order to improve. Slight variations in grip - from the eastern forehand grip to the continental grip - make a huge difference in a players ability to deliver the racquet to the ball for a given shot. Some of these variations are personal preference and others are absolutely critical to playing certain shots.

From the mastering grip to learning how to hit a booming serve, the articles below have all the answers you need to improve your tennis game. As our network of tennis experts expands, we will continue to add innovative articles that will give you insights not found anywhere else.

Tennis Forehand Basics Tennis Forehand Basics

For most tennis players the forehand shot will be your most powerful weapon. It can change the momentum of the match in one swing. While there are many different factors that go into hitting the perfect forehand, let's discuss some of the basic elements that make up a consistent forehand shot.

Tennis Volley Tennis Volley

The volley makes the difference between your average weekend warrior baseline grinder and a tournament champion. Many top players will only play from the baseline and beat most of the competition with consistency. Charging the net and forcing them to pass alters the game completely.

How To Hit A Serve How To Hit A Serve

Hitting a serve in tennis can be a complicated task for many. After all, there is so much involved. The grip, ball toss, footwork, and there is an element of rhythm and timing that is difficult to master without practice. Follow these keys to improve your tennis serve.