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Ready to take your game to the next level? Our Lakeland tennis coaches train adults and kids, beginners and experts. Tennis classes and camps in Lakeland are offered on a seasonal basis and must be discussed with your Lakeland tennis professional. Private lessons are also available from one of our 15 verified tennis lessons instructors in Lakeland.

Alluvit's Tennis Pros Specialize In:

  • Kids tennis lessons near Lakeland
  • Lakeland group tennis coaching
  • Private tennis lessons in Lakeland, FL
  • Instruction and drills for serving, forehand, backhand, volley

Choose the Lakeland Tennis Teacher that Best Suits You

If you're searching for a tennis instructor, feel free to use our tools and we'll find you the best options for a local tennis lesson near Lakeland, FL. Chat with your Lakeland tennis pro by contacting them directly, before you ever step foot on the court. From indoor to outdoor Lakeland tennis facilities, our instructors can train you wherever is most convenient. All of our tennis coaches in Lakeland are certified and bring years of experience to the court. Learn what they know.

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Cost of Lakeland Tennis Lessons

Tennis lessons prices in Lakeland are most affected by the level of experience of the instructor and whether you prefer 1 on 1 or group lessons. Many highly reputable tennis instructors in Lakeland teach at private facilites, which can also affect price. We've broken down costs for camps, group lessons, or private instruction.

Below are estimated tennis lessons costs in Lakeland:

Tennis Lessons 1 on 1 Instruction (Public Court) 1 on 1 Instruction (Private Court) Semi-private Group Instruction (3 or 4 adults/kids)
30 Minute Lesson (when available) 27.79 37.05 18.52
1 Hour Lesson 55.57 74.10 32.42
Series of 5 277.86 370.48 162.09
Series of 10 555.72 740.96 324.17

Note: Prices subject to change. These costs are based on an average of Alluvit's Lakeland tennis instructors.

Certified Tennis Instructors in Lakeland

  • Michael Basile

    Lakeland, 33811-3003

  • Dave Beerman

    Lakeland, 33803-4183

    (863) 834-2374

  • Ronald Bick

    Lakeland, 33803-3331

    (863) 680-1133

  • Kelsi Black

    Lakeland, 33812-4452

  • Diego Brunicardi

    Lakeland, 33813-1827

    (561) 670-3334

  • Thomas Hughes

    Lakeland, 33803

  • Hilde Manhardt

    Lakeland, 33805-3750

    (863) 602-5207

  • Trish Riddell

    Lakeland, 33809-0957

    (407) 492-8591

  • Ray Schick

    Lakeland, 33803-4031

    (863) 603-6285

  • Cy Smith

    Lakeland, 33803-4183

    (863) 834-2374

  • Terry Sorensen

    Lakeland, 33813-5667

  • Tomm Warneke

    Lakeland, 33803-5407

    (863) 680-1133

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