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Updated: Apr, 2020

Get in shape this season by hiring a certified personal trainer in Fayetteville, NC. Workout at home or at some of the most exclusive Fayetteville fitness centers with our expert trainers. From Spa Fitness & Wellness Centers to North Fayetteville Health & Fitness Center, Alluvit has vetted over 29 Fayetteville personal trainers to help to meet your fitness goals. Easily get pertinent information for all Fayetteville personal trainers by contacting them directly before you ever step foot into the gym.

Alluvit's personal trainers specialize in:

  • Private personal training in Fayetteville
  • Group sessions
  • Boxing, yoga, weight loss, nutrition

Choose the Fayetteville trainer that best suits you

Hire a personal trainer in Fayetteville and receive the one-on-one support and personal accountability you've been looking for. Reform your body and beat the crowd. All Fayetteville gyms offer free use of workout equipment and facilities when you hire one of their elite personal trainers. With specials running during most seasons, we can provide an inexpensive option for getting into shape any time of year.

Cost of Fayetteville Personal Trainers

The cost of personal trainers in Fayetteville is most affected by the level of experience of the trainer and the quality of the gym facility itself. Many highly reputable fitness instructors in Fayetteville base themselves here because of the wide variety of quality facilities. Some trainers charge per hour, week, month or year but the most common method is to charge per session.

Below are estimated personal training costs in Fayetteville:

Personal Trainers ACM, NCSA, or ACE Certified 24 Hour Fitness Gold's Gym Anytime Fitness Other Trainers (No Gym Association)
1 Hour Session 91.74 67.60 (50 minutes) 57.94 53.11 48.29
30 Minute Session (when available) 48.29 43.46 (25 minutes) 46.35 40.56 28.97
Series of 5 434.57 265.57 241.43 217.28 193.14
Series of 10 869.13 579.42 531.14 506.99 434.57

Note: Prices subject to change. These costs are based on an average of Alluvit's Fayetteville personal trainers. For a detailed description outlining the benefits and limitations of each certification level, visit our personal training page.

Certified Personal Trainers in Fayetteville

  • AmyLeanne Armstrong

    Certification: ACE-GFI
    Certification Number: F109096

    Fayetteville, 28306-7499

  • Andrew Christie

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 7247860109

    Fayetteville, 28311

  • Angel Estela-padilla

    Certification: NSCA-CPT
    Certification Number: 7247926323

    Fayetteville, 28304

  • Ashley Farr

    Certification: NSCA-CPT
    Certification Number: 7247860047

    Fayetteville, 28311

  • Andrew Kingsley

    Certification: NSCA-CPT
    Certification Number: 7165250508

    Fayetteville, 28305

  • Andrew Kingsley

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 201175347

    Fayetteville, 28305

  • Amy Newell

    Certification: ACE-GFI
    Certification Number: F107998

    Fayetteville, 28303-5194

  • Amity Norton

    Certification: ACE-CPT
    Certification Number: T170052

    Fayetteville, 28314-1857

  • Amy Todd

    Certification: ACE-CPT
    Certification Number: T159173

    Fayetteville, 28305-5174

  • Beth Helsinger

    Certification: ACE-CPT
    Certification Number: T53115

    Fayetteville, 28305-5174

  • Beth Helsinger

    Certification: ACSM-EP-C
    Certification Number: 15981

    Fayetteville, 28305

  • Brendyn Luther

    Certification: ACE-CPT
    Certification Number: T184977

    Fayetteville, 28314-0109

  • Brianne Mcmahon

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 7248006967

    Fayetteville, 28311-0230

  • Ben Wellborn

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 201173098

    Fayetteville, 28303-4627

  • Cameron Karrenbauer

    Certification: ACE-CPT
    Certification Number: T178343

    Fayetteville, 28306-8058

  • Clayton Long

    Certification: ACE-CPT
    Certification Number: T178950

    Fayetteville, 28303-4637

  • Cory Maxwell

    Certification: NCSF-CPT
    Certification Number: 2714195

    Fayetteville, 28304

  • Charles Paddock

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 7248028161

    Fayetteville, 28303

  • Christopher Rouse

    Certification: ACE-CPT
    Certification Number: T181914

    Fayetteville, 28314-1255

  • Carrie Sago

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 7247832398

    Fayetteville, 28311

  • Devonte Thomas

    Certification: ACSM-EP-C
    Certification Number: 1044856

    Fayetteville, 28314

  • David Winston

    Certification: ACE-CPT
    Certification Number: T149295

    Fayetteville, 28311-2504

  • David Winston

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 7248015299

    Fayetteville, 28311

  • Elizabeth Everett

    Certification: ACSM-CPT
    Certification Number: 1021480

    Fayetteville, 28311

  • Elizabeth Tabor

    Certification: NSCA-CPT
    Certification Number: 7182680309

    Fayetteville, 28314-1709

  • Elizabeth Tabor

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 201174636

    Fayetteville, 28314-1709

  • Grayson Lipford

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 988193

    Fayetteville, 28311-6966

  • Geoffrey Steinbacher

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 200938779

    Fayetteville, 28305-5009

  • Hector EliasBurgos

    Certification: ACSM-CPT
    Certification Number: 1037807

    Fayetteville, 28314

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