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Edge Functional Fitness

Edge Golf Fitness specializes in sports-specific movement refinement for athletes and non-athletes alike. Free trial and nothing to lose.

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Mosaic Health

Mosaic Health is a private health and fitness program that provides personal training and nutrional consulting services for individuals of all ages.

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Shape 2 Tone

Shape 2 tone offers in-home and group training at an affordable price with an expert trainer.

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Get in shape this season by hiring a certified personal trainer in Orange, CA. Workout at home or at some of the most exclusive Orange fitness centers with our expert trainers. From Oc Fitness to California Dietetic Assn Orange District, Alluvit has vetted over 18 Orange personal trainers to help to meet your fitness goals. Easily get pertinent information for all Orange personal trainers by contacting them directly before you ever step foot into the gym.

Alluvit's personal trainers specialize in:

  • Private personal training in Orange
  • Group sessions
  • Boxing, yoga, weight loss, nutrition

Choose the Orange trainer that best suits you

Hire a personal trainer in Orange and receive the one-on-one support and personal accountability you've been looking for. Reform your body and beat the crowd. All Orange gyms offer free use of workout equipment and facilities when you hire one of their elite personal trainers. With specials running during most seasons, we can provide an inexpensive option for getting into shape any time of year.

Cost of Orange Personal Trainers

The cost of personal trainers in Orange is most affected by the level of experience of the trainer and the quality of the gym facility itself. Many highly reputable fitness instructors in Orange base themselves here because of the wide variety of quality facilities. Some trainers charge per hour, week, month or year but the most common method is to charge per session.

Below are estimated personal training costs in Orange:

Personal Trainers ACM, NCSA, or ACE Certified 24 Hour Fitness Gold's Gym Anytime Fitness Other Trainers (No Gym Association)
1 Hour Session 88.25 65.02 (50 minutes) 55.73 51.09 46.45
30 Minute Session (when available) 46.45 41.80 (25 minutes) 44.59 39.01 27.87
Series of 5 418.01 255.45 232.23 209.00 185.78
Series of 10 836.01 557.34 510.90 487.67 418.01

Note: Prices subject to change. These costs are based on an average of Alluvit's Orange personal trainers. For a detailed description outlining the benefits and limitations of each certification level, visit our personal training page.

Certified Personal Trainers in Orange

  • Arya Ghafari

    Certification: NSCA-CPT
    Certification Number: 7247909784

    Orange, 92869

  • Ahmed Kadhom

    Certification: NSCA-CPT
    Certification Number: 7248047308

    Orange, 92867-7808

  • Ashley Magsanide

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 7247832481

    Orange, 92865

  • Bryan Resnick

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 7247848062

    Orange, 92869

  • Bryan Resnick

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 7247848062

    Orange, 92869

  • Blake Whitcomb

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 201174799

    Orange, 92009

  • Cynthia Campbell

    Certification: ACE-GFI
    Certification Number: F47817

    Orange, 92869-5624

  • Christopher Caovan

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 7247920243

    Orange, 92867

  • Carol Gourlay

    Certification: ACE-GFI
    Certification Number: F30387

    Orange, 92869-4302

  • Denny Patel

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 200012025

    Orange, 92869

  • Douglas Velasquez

    Certification: ACSM-EP-C
    Certification Number: 1018930

    Orange, 92868

  • Emmeline Shih

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 200630559

    Orange, 92869-4925

  • Francine AnsariForoughi

    Certification: NCSF-CPT
    Certification Number: 2705078

    Orange, 92867

  • Garrett Alvarez

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 7247860114

    Orange, 92869-4751

  • Hernan Martinez

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 200021236

    Orange, 92869

We recently helped these customers

Vanessa G
"Will have to start out with modified exercises due to sciatica, scoliosis, and plantar fasciitis"
Tam B
"I’m 15 and I am a soccer player. I didn’t make my schools team because I can’t run as well as other kids."
Sabrina M
"Need to get wedding day ready"
Ilia R
"I'm very out of shape and about 40 pounds overweight. I want to take it slow and rediscover my love for working out from 10 years ago."
Bianca B
"I want to tone my stomach, my butt and my thighs."
Emma S
"Lose 15-20 pounds and tone my stomach and legs"
Lauren E
"I have asthma"
"1 year ago I had 2 leg injuries. Haven't trained much since."
Andrew C
"6'3 and 270 lb would like to reach 200 lb. I have poor ankle health and would like to be surefooted enough to hike once again."
Jason P

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