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Get in shape this season by hiring a certified personal trainer in Torrance, CA. Workout at home or at some of the most exclusive Torrance fitness centers with our expert trainers. From West Coast Boot Camp to My Gym Children's Fitness Center, Alluvit has vetted over 21 Torrance personal trainers to help to meet your fitness goals. Easily get pertinent information for all Torrance personal trainers by contacting them directly before you ever step foot into the gym.

Alluvit's personal trainers specialize in:

  • Private personal training in Torrance
  • Group sessions
  • Boxing, yoga, weight loss, nutrition

Choose the Torrance trainer that best suits you

Hire a personal trainer in Torrance and receive the one-on-one support and personal accountability you've been looking for. Reform your body and beat the crowd. All Torrance gyms offer free use of workout equipment and facilities when you hire one of their elite personal trainers. With specials running during most seasons, we can provide an inexpensive option for getting into shape any time of year.

Cost of Torrance Personal Trainers

The cost of personal trainers in Torrance is most affected by the level of experience of the trainer and the quality of the gym facility itself. Many highly reputable fitness instructors in Torrance base themselves here because of the wide variety of quality facilities. Some trainers charge per hour, week, month or year but the most common method is to charge per session.

Below are estimated personal training costs in Torrance:

Personal Trainers ACM, NCSA, or ACE Certified 24 Hour Fitness Gold's Gym Anytime Fitness Other Trainers (No Gym Association)
1 Hour Session 89.85 66.21 (50 minutes) 56.75 52.02 47.29
30 Minute Session (when available) 47.29 42.56 (25 minutes) 45.40 39.72 28.37
Series of 5 425.61 260.10 236.45 212.81 189.16
Series of 10 851.22 567.48 520.19 496.55 425.61

Note: Prices subject to change. These costs are based on an average of Alluvit's Torrance personal trainers. For a detailed description outlining the benefits and limitations of each certification level, visit our personal training page.

Certified Personal Trainers in Torrance

  • Annette Bade-amintinat

    Certification: ACE-GFI
    Certification Number: F48563

    Torrance, 90503-4065

  • Allan Jones

    Certification: NSCA-CPT
    Certification Number: 43850200

    Torrance, 90505

  • Andy Khamoui

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 200630486

    Torrance, 90505

  • Alice Wang

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 200837429

    Torrance, 90503-7351

  • Bill Bartz

    Certification: ACE-GFI
    Certification Number: F80247

    Torrance, 90503-4824

  • Bradley Jones

    Certification: ACE-CPT
    Certification Number: T182214

    Torrance, 90505-5869

  • Brent Lancaster

    Certification: ACE-CPT
    Certification Number: T187166

    Torrance, 90503-1934

  • Brent Tanaka

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 201173832

    Torrance, 90505

  • Brent Tanaka

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 201173832

    Torrance, 90505

  • Brandon Villalobos

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 7247988305

    Torrance, 90503-1856

  • Catherine Jordan

    Certification: ACE-CPT
    Certification Number: T70561

    Torrance, 90501-2310

  • Christopher Lee

    Certification: NCSF-CPT
    Certification Number: 2709520

    Torrance, 90501

  • Deirdre Daniels

    Certification: ACE-GFI
    Certification Number: F41894

    Torrance, 90503-5242

  • Deirdre Daniels

    Certification: ACE-CPT
    Certification Number: T10041

    Torrance, 90503-5242

  • Daniel Viscovich

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 7248025840

    Torrance, 90505

  • Daniel Wu

    Certification: NSCA-CSCS
    Certification Number: 7247988337

    Torrance, 90501

  • Esther Kim

    Certification: PMA-CPT
    Certification Number: 14385

    Torrance, 90505

  • Garrett Mitsuuchi

    Certification: ACSM-CPT
    Certification Number: 1040564

    Torrance, 90505

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