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Lifting Your Head Lifting Your Head

Can't stop picking up your head? When golfers lift their head up early it is usually the result of some other issue. Use the tips we gave Diane to help your game.

Hips Sliding Hips Sliding

If your hips move laterally in the backswing you will not be able to coil properly and store power. Learn how to coil against your right side.

Perfect Swing Plane Perfect Swing Plane

Take a look at how well PGA Tour Member Brandt Snedeker keeps his club on plane throughout the swing.

5 Rules of Golf You Dont Know 5 Rules of Golf You Dont Know

The USGA Rules of Golf are 200 pages long. It can get a little confusing with that many rules and decisions flying around. Learn some of the nuances of golf rules with these quick tips.

Best Quick Home Ab Workouts Best Quick Home Ab Workouts

Muffin top got you down? It's time to take charge by tightening that loose skin and getting your flat stomach back. Burn calories and get rid of unwanted belly fat with this easy-to-do 5 to 10 minute workout.

Top 5 Exercises For Back Pain Top 5 Exercises For Back Pain

There are many back exercises you can do using a ball, on a machine, on a foam roller, or even on the floor. The good news is, the best ones can be done using just your body weight. Whether you have injured your lower back or are working out for preventative purposes, less weight is the way to go.

Cardio Training Cardio Training

When it comes to improving your health, one of the best things you can do is exercise (apart from a healthy diet and quality sleep). Generally, exercise requires moving your body with regular and rhythmic movements of large muscles. In short, you use your whole body when you exercise!

Tennis Volley Tennis Volley

The volley makes the difference between your average weekend warrior baseline grinder and a tournament champion. Many top players will only play from the baseline and beat most of the competition with consistency. Charging the net and forcing them to pass alters the game completely.

5 Things Your Personal Trainer Isn't Telling You 5 Things Your Personal Trainer Isn't Telling You

If you can summon the motivation from within to show up when you say you will and complete the workout you set forward, you will never need a personal trainer again.

Long Putting Made Easy Long Putting Made Easy

Long putts are something that we all get while playing and they need to be practiced because they can save you strokes. Being able to 2-putt from long range allows you to play safe when you're in trouble off the tee. When it comes to lag putting, distance control is everything.

Pros and Cons of Crossfit Workouts Pros and Cons of Crossfit Workouts

Like other forms of working out, your body needs time to properly heal from the constant tearing and repairing of muscle tissue caused by crossfit workouts. Because of the intensity of the workouts, Crossfit requires proper instruction, nutrition, rest, and complete commitment.

How To Drive Your Ball How To Drive Your Ball

Drive for show and putt for dough is what they say. But one of the most important ingredients to a successful round of golf is good position off the tee. If you are constantly in the rough, it is very difficult to get the ball close to the hole.